Zebrafish Larvae T Maze


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The MazeEngineers Zebrafish larvae T Maze takes advantage of a unique backlighting to allow for fine behavior tasks in larvae. Similar to the Drosophila mazes, this apparatus comes with a start lane, bidirectional swimming pools, and a unique backlight for easy video tracking with BehaviorCloud. An easy to use cover seals the pools and watertight chambers ensures that you’ll be able to use this apparatus for years to come. The apparatus comes with:

  • Lid
  • Chambers
  • Backlight

Special Requests can include

  • IR Backlight. Please inquire for more details
  • Modifications in size up to 50% for older stage larvae
  • Start Arm Length: 50mm (A/B).
  • Arm corridors: 25mm, width 5mm, depth 10mm, intersection 25mm2.
  • Pool size: E/F: 1950mm2 pools